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BA (Law); LLB (University of Pretoria)
BA (Regte); LLB (Universiteit van Pretoria)


Postal address
083-625 1706
083-625 1706
086-508 2037
35 Trevor Street
Pretoria 0184

Focus Areas of Practice


Litigation and commercial practice. Special focus on administrative reviews, the law of contract, delict and labour law.
Criminal cases and appeals which require special focus on interpretation of statutes and constitutional law.
Drafting of legislation, regulations and rules.

Litigasie- en kommersiŽle praktyk. Besondere fokus op administratiefregtelike hersienings, kontraktereg, deliktereg en arbeidsreg.
Strafsake en appelle wat besondere fokus op wetsuitleg en konstitusionele reg verg.
Opstel van wetgewing, regulasies en reŽls.

BA (Regte) (cum laude)
Baccalaureus Artium

Baccalaureus Legum



Universiteit van Pretoria
University of Pretoria

Universiteit van Pretoria
University of Pretoria

Membership of Professional Bodies

Lidmaatskap van Professionele Verenigings

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Toelating as Advokaat

Supreme Court of South Africa

Hooggeregshof van Suid-Afrika

Christian Lawyers Association

Christen Regsluivereniging

Multilingual capacity
Northern Sotho
Reading knowledge of:

some Portugese


Louis Kok was born on 18 October 1955. He is married to Marthie and they have three children: Natasha, Eduard and Coenraad.

He studied at the University of Pretoria, completing BA (Law) (cum laude) in 1975 and LLB in 1977, whereafter he was admitted as an advocate of the Supreme Court of South Africa in 1978. He passed a doctoral examination with distinction at the University of Pretoria in 1980.

He lectured at the University of Pretoria (1976-7), the Rand Afrikaans University (as Senior Lecturer 1981-1983), the University of Venda (as visiting Professor) and the University of the North (as Professor 1983-1989). His academic publications include a variety of articles and case notes, concerning Criminal Law and Constitutional Law themes.

From 1983 to 1989 he concluded his academic career as Professor of Law and Head of Department at the University of the North. He was first appointed as professor and Head: Department of Public Law. Later he was appointed as Head: Department of Private Law. He served as Deputy Dean of the Law Faculty and also on occasion acted as Dean of the faculty.

During his academic career he lectured mainly in Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Criminal Law, advanced Law of Delicts, and advanced Law of Contracts. During this time he also practised as an advocate. The focus of his private practice was on civil litigation, but he has also appeared for the defence in many criminal trials.

Louis Kok has served as State Prosecutor, State Advocate attached to the office of the Attorney-General and Military Law Advisor responsible for courts martial.

He also served in the Legal Services of the South African Police Service for a period of almost 16 years. He started his career in the Police Service in 1989 when he was appointed to the rank of Brigadier, to establish and manage the Civil Litigation Section. He served in various capacities as the need arose, including that of second in command of Legal Services, Chief Legal Advisor in the office of the Minister, Chief Legal Advisor: Constitutional Litigation and Comparative Law and Head: Special Projects.

In 1995 Louis Kok was appointed to a post on the level of Lieutenant General and he was awarded the S.O.E. medal for outstanding service. His final rank in the South African Police Service was that of Provincial Commissioner.

The focus of his comparative legal research is on English, French, German, Dutch and Afrikaans jurisdictions.

As leader of the drafting teams of the Firearms Control Act, 2000, the Private Security Industry Regulation Act, 2001, and the Private Security Industry Levies Act, 2002, he was responsible for legislative reform in major branches of the legislation administered by the South African Police Service. He also participated as a member of the drafting team of the South African Police Service Act, 1995 and that of the Prevention of Organised Crime Act, 1998.

Louis Kok went into private practice as an advocate on a part-time basis when he was employed as a senior lecturer at the Rand Afrikaans University in January 1981. While serving on the staff of the University of the North (1983-1989), he still practised on a part-time basis, but his practice was nevertheless quite extensive. He took the initiative at the time, which led to the founding of the first association of advocates in Pietersburg. He initially served as secretary and later as chairperson of that association. He has also served a number of terms as a member of the Bar Council of the Church Square Association of Advocates. One of his responsibilities in the Legal Services of the South African Police Service, was to serve as head of the component responsible for civil litigation management.

Since 1974 when he passed Computer Science I at the University of Pretoria, he has been interested in the use of technology to enhance the productivity of legal practitioners. He has been using mobile computers since 1980, just after they had been introduced into South Africa. After initial disappointment with the performance of voice recognition software in the professional environment, he has been using Nuance voice recognition software in his practice after the development of version 9.5 which he has found to be significantly more accurate than the software he had tested a few years before. The introduction of lawyers and other professionals to the practical application of technological solutions, is one of his favourite pastimes.

He practises law on a full-time basis as an advocate of the High Court of South Africa and is briefed in a variety of matters, including criminal and (mainly) civil litigation.